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Transform the city into a smart, connected hub with our innovative Smart City Application System. Seamlessly integrating technology, data, and services, we enhance urban living, promote sustainability, and ensure a safer, more efficient future for residents and businesses alike.

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Smart AIOT App

Elevate your lifestyle with FireAlerty’s Smart AIoT App. Experience the synergy of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things for a smarter, more connected world.


Reimagine property management with our Robotics Solutions. Elevate efficiency, security, and tenant satisfaction for a smarter, more managed future.

AI and GenAI RAG

Revolutionize your business with our AI application. Boost productivity, gain insights, and stay ahead of the competition. Tailored solutions for your unique needs. Elevate your operations today!

Flagship products

FireAlert - Fire Alarm Management System

A smart fire alarm system assists in providing vital protection to businesses, landlords and public sector buildings by enhancing traditional fire detection equipment.

Three types of sensors are supported:
1. Conventional wired fire sensors
2. LoraWan wireless sensors
3. Thermal camera


LifeOnline is designed to track and analyze the health metrics of workers in the construction site. It includes features such as real-time monitoring of vital signs, activity tracking, and the ability to provide immediate alerts, such as fall from height, to safety officer. 

User cases: 
1. Confined space monitoring 
2. Construction sites
3. Lone workers


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